Furniture company "ALMAZ"

LUBIDOM is a division on ALMAZ Group, an important reality of the furniture field, born in 1995 from the vision of its founders Zmievskiy's Family to this day it works on multiple fields. The Brand is now positioned on the international market as one of the most important in the sector of mid-end modular furniture. Over the years our Brand has become a symbol of reliability and value thanks to the constant desire to follow the footsteps of design and technology. A choice which has led to extend our furniture expertise to the collections decicated to the living and sleeping areas, for a unique and highly customisable total Living Space.


The care over the details, which are never left to chance, is what sets a contemporary, sophisticated and top-class furnishing system apart and makes the difference. The exclusive elegance which we always look for in our style is expressed throught the adoption of total Living production philosophy where the use of finishes, accessories and materials can be applied across the board and uniformly to all the products in the kitchen, living and sleeping areas, stamping a unique and unmistakeable mark on them: your own.


Choosing LUBIDOM means choosing Premium Quality Design at an affordable price, made possible by the streamlined production processes which take place in one of the biggest furniture factories in Russia. Over 300 stores in Russia and 50 in former Soviet Union form the Brand's distibution network, which is chosen not only by end customers, but also by Interior Designers and Architects.


We have embraced an eco-friendly approach while manufacturing our furniture, using atoxic materials and manufacturing processes that keep an eye on the protection of the environment. We use reclaimed wood materials to avoid cutting down new trees and contuniuosly contribute to save the future of our planet. For the lacquered furnishing of our furniture we use water based paints which come with silver ions to reduce 99,9% bacteria and contrast hygienic problems.


Sergey Zmievsky

President of Almaz

Oleg Polyakov

CEO of Almaz

Alex Fadeev

Head of Export Sales

Vladimir Makeev

Adviser to the President on Foreign Trade and Public Relations


From November 18 to November 22, 2019, the 31st international exhibition "Furniture, accessories and upholstery materials" - "Furniture-2019"
From January 13 to January 19, the International Furniture Exhibition IMM Cologne 2020
From November 22 to November 26, 2021, the 32nd international exhibition "Furniture, accessories and upholstery materials" - "Furniture-2021"

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